Community Guidelines

In an effort to provide The Resident with a clean, safe, comfortable residence, and to establish and maintain a good relationship between the Owner/Agent and the Resident, the following guidelines have been established.

  1. No Pets: No pets are allowed on the premises at any time.
  2. No Waterbeds: No waterbeds are permitted on the premises.
  3. Locks & Keys: No additional locks may be installed on any door without prior written permission from the Owner/Agent. No re-keying of any lock is permitted. There shall be a $_________ charge for each lost key. There shall be a $_________ charge each time a resident is locked out and requires the Owner/Agent to unlock the door.
  4. Redecoration: No redecoration or alteration of the premises shall be done by or on behalf of the Resident without the prior written consent of the Owner/Agent.
  5. Aerial/Satellite Dishes: No exterior radio or television aerial or satellite dishes shall be erected on the ground or attached to or placed on the building in any manner without the prior written consent of the Owner/Agent.
  6. Signs: The Resident shall not exhibit signs or placards in the windows or any other part of the residence without the prior written consent of the Owner/Agent.
  7. Exterior Hanging of Articles: At no time shall any washing, rugs, clothing, apparel or any other article be hung out of the windows or on any balconies, decks or porches.
  8. Odors: No unusual odors shall be produced or permitted in or about the premises.
  9. Consideration of Others: The Resident shall not commit or permit any act that will unreasonably interfere with the right, comforts or convenience of others. The Resident shall keep the volume of any radio, TV, stereo or musical instrument sufficiently reduced at all times so as not to disturb others.
  10. Children: The Resident shall be in complete control of their children at all times and shall be held responsible for their childrenís actions.
  11. Visitors: The Resident shall be responsible for their visitors and guests and their actions.
  12. Light Bulbs: The premise shall be supplied with light bulbs, fuses and florescent starters at the time of occupancy. The Resident is responsible for furnishing replacements hereafter and shall leave replacement upon vacating.
  13. Kerosene Heaters: No kerosene heaters may be used on the premises.
  14. Appliances: Appliances and other heavy items shall be lifted into place in order to avoid tearing the flooring.
  15. Countertops: Hot objects shall not be placed directly on kitchen countertops.
  16. Outdoor Grills: Outdoor grills may not be used on porches or balconies, or inside the dwelling.
  17. Carpet Cleaning: Carpet cleaning shall only be done by a professional carpet cleaning service and with the written permission of the Owner/Agent.
  18. Pest Control: Pest control shall be provided by the Owner/Agent as needed, and the Resident shall provide the Owner/Agent access for same. If the Owner/Agent determines that the Resident is contributing to the problem, the Resident shall be responsible for the cost of exterminating.
  19. Unsanitary Conditions: The Resident shall not cause any unsanitary conditions in or about the premises. The Resident shall promptly dispose of all rubbish, garbage and other waste in proper receptacles. No trash, bottles, or papers shall be left in any common areas or yard.
  20. Windows & Doors: The Resident is responsible for replacing all cracked or broken window or door panes and all damaged window or door screens.
  21. Trees & Shrubs: The Resident shall not contribute to the disfigurement of trees or shrubs.
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  23. Yard Care: The Resident shall properly cultivate, care for and adequately water the lawn, shrubbery, trees, and grounds.
  24. Ice & Snow Removal: The Resident shall keep all walkways clear of ice and snow.
  25. Driveways & Sidewalks: The Resident shall keep all driveways and sidewalks free and clear of all belongings, and shall use the same for no other purpose than ingress to and egress from the premises.
  26. DRIVING AND PARKING AT OWN RISK: The use of any parking area or driveway shall be at the userís own risk.
  27. Prohibited Areas for Driving & Parking: Driving or riding of bicycles, big wheels, motorcycles, automobiles, trucks or any other vehicles, except on paved areas, is prohibited. No vehicles shall be permitted on seeded or landscaped areas.
  28. Parking of Vehicles: All vehicles shall be parked only on the street or in designated parking areas. The Resident shall keep these areas free and clean of any vehicle fluids, such as oils, etc. Trucks (except for pick-ups and passenger size vans) boats, trailers, campers or motorcycles shall not be parked or stored on the premises without the prior written consent of the Owner/Agent.
  29. Repair of Vehicles: The Resident shall not repair vehicles on the premises (unless vehicle is kept in an enclosed garage) if such repairs shall take longer than a single day. Repair of vehicles on the premises shall be limited to the Residentís own vehicles.
  30. Disabled Vehicles: Disabled vehicles shall not be left on the premises for longer than 24 hours unless they are in an enclosed garage. Disabled vehicles which are not in an enclosed garage will, after having one written 24 hour warning placed on the vehicle, be towed form the premises a the vehicle ownerís expense.
  31. Trash Disposal and Pickup: Trash disposal and pickup shall be as follows:______________________________


Additional Guidelines: ________________________________________________________________________








THESE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES are hereby incorporated into and made a part of the Rental Agreement made

Between the Owner/Agent and the Resident on ______________________________________________20_____,

For the premises located at ______________________________________________________________________


THE RESIDENT AGREES to abide by the guidelines as set forth herein or as may be amended or added to by the Owner/Agent upon the Owner/Agent giving written notice thereof to the Resident.

THIS AGREEMENT is made in duplicate on this_______________ day of________________________ 20_____.