Co-Signer Agreement


Date: _____________________________________

(Addendum to Rental Agreement)



This agreement is attached to and forms a part of the Rental Agreement between

______________________________________________________________________, Owners,

______________________________________________________________________, Tenants

which is dated _______________________, 20_____.

My name is _______________________________________________________, and I have completed a Rental Application for the express purpose of enabling the Owners to check my credit. I have no intention of occupying the dwelling referred to in the Rental Agreement above. I have read the Rental Agreement referred to above, and I promise to guarantee the Tenantís compliance with the financial obligations of this Agreement. I understand that I may be required to pay for rent, cleaning charges, or damage assessments in such amounts as are incurred by the Tenants under the terms of this Agreement if, and only if, the Tenants fail to pay.



Signed __________________________________________ Date _________________ 20_____.