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"A goldmine of information that can only come from years in the trenches doing real estate the right way and helping others achieve their dreams. This book is a MUST read and may well be one of those minor decisions one makes that creates major change."
        -- Ron LeGrand, real estate investor and author of Fast Cash With Quick Turn Real Estate

Who Wants to Be a Real Estate Millionaire?
A Foolproof Action Plan for Making the Dream a Reality-in 120 Days

Will the stock market ever rebound? Is anything a safe investment anymore? More and more Americans are asking questions like these, with mounting dread of a continuing recession. Yet, even with the recent boom in the housing market, many investors overlook a remarkably stable and lucrative option-one that's backed by actual property and sometimes literally right next door.

"No other investment strategy has created more millionaires than investing in real estate," declares G. William Barnett II. Backed by hard numbers, Barnett speaks from profitable personal experience. One of six instructors that tour with renowned investment guru and bestselling author Robert G. Allen, Barnett has amassed a fortune as a real estate investor since 1997. He now shares the secrets of his straightforward, foolproof method in ARE YOU DUMB ENOUGH TO BE RICH?: The Amazingly Simple Way to Make Millions in Real Estate (AMACOM; June 24, 2003; $18.95 Paperback Original).

In what he describes as an "autobiographical textbook," Barnett guides novice investors through the first critical four months of real estate wealth building, step by step. Demystifying mortgages, liens, foreclosures, inspections, taxes, and more, he provides a comprehensive crash course, chockfull of helpful checklists, worksheets, sample forms, and scripts. From setting goals to finding houses and buyers, to closing deals and taking advantage of tax credits, he clearly shows what to do to make the most money with the least hassle. At every point, Barnett also points out the common pitfalls - dozens of misconceptions, traps, and stupid moves to avoid.

Among its arsenal of practical tools and proven strategies, ARE YOU DUMB ENOUGH TO BE RICH? features:
  • Nine sure-fire ways to attract people who are eager to sell their homes
  • A simple W.O.W. system to gauge whether a property is a bargain before buying
  • The lowdown on avoiding a foreclosure-and buying foreclosed houses for a steal
  • Hidden REO and HUD opportunities-and incredible ways to get houses for free
  • Rehabbing tips for transforming a battered dwelling-without spending a bundle
  • Savvy advice for figuring out taxes-and getting amazing tax benefits
  • A blueprint for building a "dream team," including a real estate-savvy CPA and top-notch appraisers, inspectors, pest-control specialists, electricians, and plumbers

"Financial freedom can be achieved faster through real estate than any other investment," affirms Robert G. Allen in his foreword. "Bill Barnett's 120-day plan provides an excellent roadmap." Concrete, pragmatic, and proven, ARE YOU DUMB ENOUGH TO BE RICH? is a welcome guide to financial security in even the most uncertain economic times.

The Amazingly Simple Way to Make Millions in Real Estate
Author: G. William Barnett II
Pub. Date: June 24, 2003
Price: $18.95 Paperback Original
ISBN: 0-8144-7177-3

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About the Author
G. William Barnett II is Director of Acquisitions at CAPSTONE Properties Group, as well as a nationally renowned seminar leader and speaker on real estate investing. Before becoming successful in real estate, he worked as a stockbroker and a syndicated television producer. He lives in Forth Worth, Texas.  
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Who Wants to Be a Real Estate Millionaire?  
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